Don't let a lack of flexibility hold you back from being your truest self.


At some point you were inspired to start moving.

It might have been yoga, or aerial arts, or pole, or dance. Maybe a friend wanted you to try a class with them, or maybe you were the one whose curiosity was piqued. 

Now you're hooked. You've got muscles you never even knew existed and bruises in weird places. You might still have a few pairs of jeans, but they're buried under leggings and athliesure outfits. "Going out" in the evening means going to the studio or the gym. 

You spend your day at work looking forward to going to your next class or rehearsal. You've probably got some equipment at home, and so many saved Instagram videos that you can't remember which ones you've looked at anymore. 

Whatever movement art it is, it started out as something new and fascinating, but now it's more than that. This is a passion. It's hard work, and sweat, and deep breaths, and one more try, and you love it. It's accomplishment and confidence and strength you never knew you had. 

Discovering how much you could do and how powerful you are was life-changing. It was thrilling. You had a smile so big your cheeks ached and a heart so big it made your chest feel tight. Sure, you might have been so sore the next couple of days you couldn't lift your arms over your head or walk without shaky knees, but it was completely worth it. 


But now you're stuck.


You're ready to level up and go farther, but you've hit a wall.

When the teacher demonstrates a new move you can understand what they're doing, but you can't do it yourself because

you're not flexible enough...yet.


When you first started on this path, it was amazing. Suddenly you were more than just yourself– you were [your name here] the Yogi, the Aerialist, the Pole Dancer, the Acro Yogi, etc. You became more than you were: empowered, engaged, enthusiastic, part of a whole new community. 

Running up against the limits of your flexibility is just another opportunity to grow and to be amazed by your own growth. 

Or... it can be an opportunity to just give up and say, "Oh well, I wish I was flexible, too." 

So again, I say:

Don't let a lack of flexibility hold you back from being your truest self.

You've committed yourself to the path of an art form that inspires you, uplifts you, and makes you want to be better. This is just the next step on that path!

Not gonna lie, becoming a bendier being takes time. It takes dedication and planning. Not "give up your life and worldly possessions and move to a monastery halfway around the world"-level stuff, but dedication and planning nonetheless.

The process is actually fairly simple: take some time to craft a thoughtful, sustainable practice based on your motivations and lifestyle, implement it consistently, and results will soon follow. 

That's what Freedom Flexibility is all about. With a little mental coaching and some technical guidance, you can move stretchiness from being an obstacle to being an asset. Instead of being the boogieman standing between you and your artistic progress, flexibility can level you up into the moves and maneuvers that you're dreaming of

My passion is working with people who are determined to keep advancing in their art, and who need to up their stretch factor to get there. They're chasing after flat splits, dramatic backbends (without that pinchy feeling), feet that tickle their heads, or even just being able to touch their toes, all so that they can be a better performer/artist/yogi/fire spinner/model/etc. 

So if you're ready to overcome the obstacle of your stretchiness, if you're ready to see flexibility as a friend rather than a frustration on the way to being a better, more fully realized version of yourself...

I would love to work with you.

I offer one-on-one training that addresses your current level of ability, your goals, and the challenges that stand in the way of a consistent and fruitful practice. 

Throughout this process I'll be right there with you, offering guidance and inspiration.

To start the process, schedule your free Zoom call. We'll talk about what you hope to achieve, what to expect out of this training, answer any questions you may have, and of course we'll get to meet each other!

I want you to feel comfortable about what you're committing to with this training program, and just as importantly, you should feel like I'm a good match for you as an instructor. If we're getting good vibes off each other during our meeting, great! We can get going as soon as you're ready.

And if it turns out that I'm not the right fit, or you're not ready to go ahead just yet, no problem! This meeting doesn't obligate you to sign up for or buy into anything. 

So one more time: if you are deep in the passionate pursuit of your art, and flexibility is the next step on the road to advancement, then schedule your free Zoom call and let's discover if Freedom Flexibility is the right training program to guide you toward achieving your goals.


Let's Get Started

Four months from now, you could be more flexible.

Are you ready to leave frustration and stagnation behind?

Have you had enough of stretching and stretching only to wind up in the same place you started?

Have you had that dream at night, where you can effortlessly move your body the way you've always wanted?

I'm Diane Barbeau, a flexibility trainer specializing in working with people to create splits, backbends, and other impressive feats of flexibility. 

This goes beyond, "stretching is good for you," (although it is, of course!) and gets into, "this is something I deeply desire for myself" territory. 

My clients aren't just relieving stress or loosening up a little. They're crushing their limits and achieving the kind of mobility they've wanted for so long: flatter splits, pain-free backbends, hips that move in mind-boggling directions, etc. 

They're being equipped with the mental fortitude they need so that when frustration or the blues inevitably crop up, they move past it and continue their practice. 

I am dedicated to creating long-term success for the people I work with, not only because increased flexibility is a game-changer for their bodies, but because it's a complete shift in their quality of life. Armed with confidence, knowledge, and accomplishment, they are able to keep making progress toward their stretch goals even after our time together has been completed, and even when life gets messy (2020, anyone?). 

Yes, You Can Do This.


Your body already has the potential and the capacity for becoming bendier. 

Whether you've been stuck in place for so long you're starting to think you really can't be more flexible, or you're suffering from information overload thanks to the abundance of freely available information on the web, this training will move you from being in a state of figurative paralysis to making measurable progress. 

Where do you envision yourself 16 weeks from now?

Do you see yourself still stuck in the same place... or can you imagine the triumphant celebration in your body and soul from raising your limits and expanding the range of your abilities? 

Let's work together to make that celebration a reality. 
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Diane doesn't just teach movement and poses, she teaches body awareness. Thanks to Diane's teaching I've been able to learn to listen to my body's signals and to set appropriate limits that push me to improve without risking injury. 

Diane takes special care to recognize and celebrate each student's abilities, finding ways that every student can feel accomplished... Diane's teaching style emphasizes the unique vibrancy that comes from celebrating all bodies.

In completing a 6 week flexibility intensive with Diane, I experienced marked improvement in my range of motion and learned valuable skills that have kept me practicing at home. Most importantly, we discussed the mental aspects of keeping myself motivated to keep practicing.

I cannot recommend working with Diane enough!

-Beth B

You've already got the drive. Now all you need is the guidance


Advanced asanas are beautiful, but they're also physically demanding. Taking regular classes will only move you very slowly toward achieving them. Supplement your yoga practice with a concentrated physical practice so that you can feel stronger and more limber than ever before. 

Aerial, Pole, and Circus

Lusting after flat splits? Frustrated at being held back from challenging tricks by your lack of stretchiness? Fast track your way to beautiful lines and a powerful body that's not only more flexible, but ready to take on the demands of the circus arts. 


Dancers need length and strength to create visually stunning lines, and a huge amount of active flexibility for taking splits and other stretchy poses airborne. Get the exercises and techniques you need to level up your abilities. 

Diane Barbeau is an exceptional and approachable teacher, with excellent communication skills. She teaches not only the poses and forms, but also the underlying anatomy, how and why the stretch works, and how to build on it for your specific body needs. Diane meets you where you are, tailoring her instruction to your abilities and goals. I highly recommend Diane and her classes.

-Rebecca G

I began flexibility training with Diane in my mid-twenties and came from a long history of dance and a shorter history of aerial arts.

Until she offered her intensive program, I was convinced my body’s structure was preventing me from increasing my flexibility. Over six weeks, Diane proved me very, very wrong.

She worked with me to establish goals for the program and develop a tailored strengthening and stretching routine and made instruction pages on each exercise to take home with me.

Six weeks later, my splits were lower, my kicks were higher, and my legs and core were stronger!

Diane’s expertise in contortion, anatomy, and yoga practice, and her dedication to each of her students’ progress was the kick in the butt I needed to improve my flexibility, even though I thought I was too old.

-Abby C
An effective flexibility practice is based upon five fundamentals:
  1. Motivation
  2. Alignment
  3. Activation
  4. Active Flexibility
  5. Conditioning

These are the guiding principles of Freedom Flexibility. 

By following these fundamentals, you can transform your practice and yourself. 

Stretching can be an intense experience, but it should never be a painful one. This program and these techniques will help you learn to listen to what your body is saying so that you know when things are functioning the way they should. 

You'll notice that these are not the 8 limbs of yoga, and it's important to know that this program is not a yoga training, although it can be a powerful addition or supplement. If you're a yogi who feels a very powerful pull toward performing advanced asanas, then this program will help you achieve those goals. 


Learn more about the Five Fundamentals and how to apply them in this free training video.


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Program Content

  • One-on-one video training sessions via Zoom, during which we'll develop your customized training plan, answer questions, and keep up the energy!
  • Getting Started: Stretching "Hieroglyphs" (reference sheet)
  • Part One- Motivation
    • Discovering the Root of Your Motivation (video and worksheet)
    • Maintaining Your Motivation (video and worksheet)
  • Part Two- Crafting a Thoughtful Practice
    • Creating a Practice Schedule (video)
    • Managing Your Equipment (video)
  • Part Three: Stretch Mechanics
    • How Muscles Work (reference sheet)
    • What is Flexibility? (reference sheet)
    • Structuring Your Practices (reference sheet)
    • Warms Ups and Cool Downs (video)
Program enrollment includes lifetimes access to all materials. 


My passion for teaching flexibility wasn't made clear to me until just a couple of years ago. 

During my 20's I took up sword fighting, fire spinning, and hand balancing all as hobbies with occasional work performing. 

I felt called to go deeper into yoga after experiencing the altered brain state of a really good savasana and took a 200 hour teaching training. 

For a time, aerial arts were my purpose in life, and I taught myself the tricks and the postures and figured things out as I went, until eventually I was teaching and performing. 

I still love all these things, but for me everything seems to hit a plateau where enjoyment is still present, but a little less vibrant, and I feel less driven to continue developing. 

Except for flexibility! The deep satisfaction from increasing my bendiness has never worn off, and I'm consistently delighted to be able to help other people further their own range of motion as well. 

I've had to cobble together years of experience and study to figure out what works and what doesn't, and it's clear to me that the single thing that makes the biggest difference is having a knowledgable, dedicated teacher. Even so, it took me a while to connect the dots to becoming that teacher. 

The year of COVID was a big learning time for me. I was forced to step back from everything I had been doing to reexamine what I loved, what I could and couldn't tolerate, and what mattered most. During that time I finally had the inspiration to create an online flexibility training program, so that I could offer guidance to people regardless of their location.

It has been an honor and a pleasure discovering and creating this service to the world. I look forward to sharing all that I can with anyone who comes seeking the keys to becoming a bendier being! 

12 Weeks of Training


  • Weekly personal coaching/motivation sessions
  • Instructional videos on warm ups, proper stretching technique, and crafting a durable long-term practice
  • Worksheets to help you craft your practice

Flexibility: Functional, Effective, and Affordable

Two convenient payment options are available: payment in full up front, or a three month payment plan.

Remember, you get out of your practice what you put into it. Invest in your own progress and begin working toward picture-worthy results. 

Let this be your time to grow and achieve.

Schedule your discovery session today.

  • Meet the instructor! If we're going to be working together for three months, it's good to say hello first!
  • Tell me about your "stretch" goals, the things that you really want to be able to do and are ready to work to achieve. 
  • Learn more about how the program is structured and what to expect. 
  • Together we'll decide if Freedom Flexibility is the right program to take you from dreaming of more, to actually doing more with your flexibility.
  • There's no obligation to enroll and no cost for the meeting.
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DISCLAIMER: Results not guaranteed. Diane Barbeau is not a medical professional or physical therapist. Any fitness advice given by Diane Barbeau/Freedom Flexibility should not be treated as medical advice. Participating in any fitness program, including this one, may result in injury. Consult with a medical professional before starting any fitness program, especially if you are pregnant or have any health conditions.